Your Financial Pathway


Initial Consultation

In our first meeting, we will engage in a detailed discussion about our team and our wealth management process that focuses on four key activities surrounding wealth management of building, managing, preserving, and transitioning wealth.  We will then discuss the four cornerstones of wealth managment surronding investments, liability management, risk managment and wealth transfer.  Next we will spend the balance and majority of our time concerning your personal goals and objectives including:

  • Risk Tolerance
  • Personal and/or business liquidity needs
  • Income needs
  • Expected rate of return
  • Income opportunities
  • Succession planning for business

Data Evaluation

We will analyze your current financial situation and then assist you in developing investments strategies.

Ongoing Reviews

We conduct regular reviews with each client on a consistant basis where we:

  • Review Account Performance
  • Review Stated Goals and Objectives
  • Discuss Current Economic and Market Conditions
  • Other matters of interest to your business